Roll Up Exterior Shutters

TMAX Roll Up Shutters provide home security defense and protection from severe weather and sun damage. When used to cover outside areas, they allow full, comfortable use, any time of the day or night, rain or shine.  Aesthetically pleasing and subtle, TMAX Roll Up Shutters are invisible from the inside when installed on the exterior of a home and are completely automated through a variety of options for control systems.

The slats of all our shutter systems are insulated high quality aluminum for energy efficiency, heat/cold protection, and durability.  The slats also have light slits between the curtain slats that are visible until the shutter is fully closed, providing an option for ventilation and a little light.

  • Powerful storm & sun protection
  • Multiple control options
  • Energy efficient
  • Security protection
  • Multiple color options
  • 5 year limited warranty covering parts, motor, controls and finish.


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